Week 1: Easy Peasy


I’m on the eve of finishing my first week and, as I’d assumed, everything was smooth sailing.

I’d been hearing from various people about their methods of minimizing their wardrobe throughout the year which led me to research some methods of my own. A friend told me about someone he knew that kept all of his clothing hung in his closet facing a certain way and when he’d wear something and put it back, he’d hang it facing in the opposite direction. After a certain period of time he got rid of whatever was consistently facing the original direction, as that indicated that he didn’t wear those things enough to care about keeping them. Very clever.

I’d also researched some wardrobe apps but I mostly kept finding ones that rotated through outfit options with the clothing you currently owned. I wasn’t so much interested in outfit combinations as I was about how much I’m actually wearing what I own. The method I finally decided on is one I cannot claim as my own because you go through so many ideas when skimming articles that it’s hard to remember if it’s yours or someone else’s.

I dug out and dusted off my Polaroid camera¬†that I hadn’t touched in close to 6 months (another impulse purchase that I felt I needed in order to be happier). I began using up the box of Instax film I’d stocked up by taking photos of each individual piece of clothing I owned. To my surprise, I still owned more clothing after my initial (massive) wardrobe minimization than I originally thought.

My intention with these Polaroids is to note every time I’ve worn something. If I have pieces that are only worn once or twice a month, I intend to get rid of them. I haven’t yet decided on my time frame for this but right now I’m leaning towards the full year of my shopping ban. The last thing I want to do is minimize my already limited wardrobe within a few months and then need to replace something because it was damaged or lost.

I do have to admit that before I began my shopping ban, I bought a sweatshirt. It’s the only piece of clothing I’ve bought this year and I bought it for two reasons:

  1. I liked it
  2. Part of my payment was donated to marine wildlife foundations

I thought this was a worthwhile purchase and was one that I thoroughly thought about. It was a weird feeling being excited with the anticipation of receiving it since I’d bought it with a purposeful intention in lieu of the usual impulse purchase just for the sake of getting something new. I’ve been wearing it multiple times a week (once it comes out of the wash, of course) and it still brings me joy, so I’d say it’s safe to confirm that I made a solid decision.

In regards to my accountability with my limit of 1-2 books a month, my first book purchase this month was “Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More” by Courtney Carver. I’ve been working long hours and haven’t been able to stay awake past 9 p.m. lately so I’ve only been able to read about a chapter or two each night, but it’s been a great read so far. While I can’t relate to Courtney’s MS struggles, there are still points of value that you can take away from it to fit your own life. I must admit that I did read a lot of reviews on multiple different sites before buying this book, as I want to make the most of monthly book limit, and it has lived up to the positive reviews (look at me, making intentional and well-thought-out purchases).


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